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Press Release-New Wild Bull Live™ online steel darts machine

Date: 01/16/2009



Merlin Technologies, Inc., manufacturers of the Wild Bull® — the World’s only electronic scoring STEEL DARTS machine using a genuine English dartboard — introduces the Wild Bull LIVE!® online, steel darts machine with remote-refereeing.


The Wild Bull® is the only coin operated electronic darts machine with dart detection capable of scoring both soft and steel tip darts and not scoring ‘bounce’ or fall-out darts. The, new Wild Bull LIVE!® offers all these features but adds patented online benefits for both players and operators.


Introduced January 2009 at the IMA Exhibition in Düsseldorf and at the ATEI Exhibition in London, the Wild Bull LIVE!® features online connectivity and a patented, camera-based Remote Refereeing System™ that allows darters and officials to:

1.     Play LIVE in head-to-head competition using LIVE!® machines in separate locations.

2.     Record games and monitor dart play so opponents are assured real scores from their opponents even in virtual games and tournaments when their opponent is not present.


Playing LIVE, machine-to-machine, from geographically separate locations is not only fun for players, but when a location is slow or opponents are not available to compete, a player can now go online and find a competitor anywhere in the World. More importantly, while the majority of players will still elect to play darts in the same location, now other players and teams who are geographically distanced can now join the league or tournament. This increases dart participation and operator revenue.


Of greater impact to the dart operator’s income, the new Wild Bull LIVE!® features a patented, Remote Refereeing System to record games and allow league and tournament administrators to remotely referee the matches when opponents were not present.


For the first time ever in electronic darts, steel darting scores are recorded and verified while rankings are updated online. Players’ confidence in the Remote Refereeing System dramatically increases individual, team and league participation. Players attempting to qualify for upcoming events or competing in ranking lists continually try to improve upon their most recent scores by playing more games. With the Remote Refereeing System, darters can participate on their own schedule and in their favorite location when their opponent may not be present to monitor their play. Scores are recorded, verified and rankings are updated online — all as the operator’s revenue increases.


The Wild Bull® and the new Wild Bull LIVE!® online, steel darts machine features:


  • Real, electronic steel tip darting (patented)
  • Genuine, English, bristle dartboard
  • Camera based, Remote Refereeing System™ for Recorded competition (patented)
  • LIVE, Machine-to-machine, online competition
  • Removal of the score of any darts that bounce off or do not stick in the target (no other electronic darts machine does both)
  • A proximity sensor preventing players from manually cheating
  • Online, league management and machine operation software (sold separately)
  • Advertising Revenue
  • Automatic scoring for both steel and soft tip darts.


Whether you are new to electronic darts or you currently operate hundreds of soft-tip dart machines learn more about the Wild Bull® or the new Wild Bull LIVE!® steel darts machines by visiting us today at www.merlindarts.com, emailing sales@merlindarts.com or by calling (001) 630-232-9223.


Contact Details:

Steve Pope

Merlin Technologies, Inc.

Geneva, IL 53401 USA

+001- 630-232-9223




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