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Wild Bull Darts - Electronic Steel-Tip Dart Boards
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Players Enjoy:

  • Electronic scoring of both soft and steel-tip Darts (no weight limit)
  • Authentic Bristle Dart Board
  • Automatic Player Change
  • The Scoring of Only Those Darts That Stay In The Board (no bounce or fallouts)!
  • Eight Levels of ‘play against the Computer’ Competition
  • 31 games to choose from, including 301, 501, Cricket, Hi-Score, and more
  • Correct Score Capability =100% Accuracy
  • Endorsed by the PDC.
  • Smaller target than soft-tip for increased challenge
  • The sound and feel of steel darts hitting a real board.
  • League approved board and machine

Operators Value

  • Patented, telescoping cabinet
  • Built-In Handles and wheels for Easy Storage and movement.
  • Front Access to All Dart Board Components
  • Internal Switches to Protect Passcodes and Customize Machine Operations
  • Anodized Tip-Plate to Protect the Dart Board and The Surrounding Floor
  • Programmable System: Change Game Pricing, Adjust Maximum Number of Rounds, Adjust Credits Per Game, Monitor Coin Drops (day, week, month, year)
  • Modular Electronics (Extended Warranty)
  • Easy Dart Board Rotation and Replacement.
  • No Wires to Connect
  • No moving parts in entire machine
  • Auto-Calibration, Low Mechanical Maintenance Digital Electronics.
  • Accepts Bill Acceptors (Mechanical or Electronic Coin Mechanisms Optional) and Other Accessories.
  • A Completely Programmable System Which Allows Operators to 'Customize' The Operation of Each Machine
  • Stands 7'4" in full upright position, 27½" wide and 22" deep with the kick-plate
  • Machine Weighs 200 Pounds
  • CE and ROHS Compliant
  • 100% new revenue source!
Coin Operated Dart Machine


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